What is Aramazu?

A completely new, fun and engaging way for a child to learn to tell the time quickly through illustrated storybooks, now also available as video storybooks through our online library. You can play our taster video to the left & see that the stories and characters engage young children to make telling the time a fun experience.

Your children will want you to read them a key stage 1 & key stage 2 targeted learning book at bedtime!

How does Aramazu work?

Each hour becomes a mountain that time must climb on its way around the clock.
Half an hour ‘going up’ to the o’clock, then another half an hour ‘going down’, to the half past on the other side.
The minutes become the steps that time uses to climb over the mountains.

Why it works?

Aramazu uses simple logic children can understand to explain the workings of the clock face. In a recent trial, 85% of the children learned to tell the time in one week, 50% in one hour. 100% of parents tested said that it was easy to teach & their child enjoyed learning.

See what the press, parents and teachers are saying about Aramazu.

Teaching Time

A subject that has bedevilled parents and teachers for over 300 years, except for the mathematically gifted, many children take 6 months or more to learn how to tell the time on a standard analogue clock. The Aramazu way is reducing this learning period to hours & days rather than months, and making telling the time fun!

A few of our testimonials..

I get sent lots of things…some impress me more than others. I have to admit I was very impressed by Aramazu and especially when my son, who is four, started to understand the concept of telling the time.
Sarah Ebner, TimesOnline
I have taught time for many many years but never with such instant success
Jackie Bacon , Parents in Touch